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    Mario Balsamo

    • • I'm the director and writer of (18) documentaries: and I also teach others how to make them. I write books (novels, diaries, atypical manuals), but my pipe dream has always been to become a dee jay (and at friends' parties I'm really quite good at it!). Amongst my films, I'm very fond of: "Sognavo le nuvole colorate" (2008), "Sotto il cielo di Baghdad" (2003), "Il villaggio dei disobbienti" (2003). My favourite pieces of music (this month): Glad by Traffic and Peaches En Regalia by Frank Zappa. (Some of) my favourite films (all my life and perhap for the rest of it): "Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment" by Karel Reisz, "The Shout" by Jerzy Skolimowski and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" by Michel Gondry. I'll spare you the books for the next site (and film). My website: www.iltuodocumentario.it

    Guido Gabrielli (51 years old in 2012)

    • • Patient professional, practioner of primitive Yoga, eternal promising voice of Jazz guitar, but whose daily Dharma is working as an editor and editorial consultant, of Romanist faith. Like everyone else, hoping for peace in the world and a Nobel Prize (any kind). In his first starring role in this film, he hopes that it will bring serenity and wisdom, and stop malingering.
  • Synopsis

    It was back in 1985 when Guido and Mario, good buddies, decided to take their first trip together. Thirty years later, the memories of that period overlap with their present life, for both marked by a long struggle against cancer. Nonetheless they decide to embark on a new adventure, a journey at once intimate and off the rails, rife with questions and considerations about their friendship, the meaning of life and sickness. From the windows of the conveyances which the twosome uses to hurtle through this sweet 'road movie,' the images of a changed Italy file by: the unexpected beach of their childhood at Sabaudia; the Perugia of an impromptu concert out on the streets during the Umbria Jazz Festival; the "Forest of the Introspective Spirits" at Borgotaro. And then Milan and Rome, the present domiciles of one and the other. Dressed in tuxedos, aboard a vintage Mini rented for the occasion and then speeding along on Italian Intercity trains, they plan an improbable meeting with Agent 007, James Bond, their erstwhile superhero: invincible, unbeatable, immortal. Naturally we are referring to their one and only Bond, namely Sean Connery. The two friends have a special question they wish to ask him, the question of two grown-up kids: how do you become immortal?

    After a lucky tip from the first Italian Bond Girl, the ever-alluring and mysterious Daniela Bianchi, Guido and Mario get on the phone and seek out Sean to set an appointment that will sure clarify and illuminate. But one fine dawn of a new summer day, along the shore of an extraterrestrial sea, inside a cramped pup tent unused since 1985, comes the the long awaited response from Sir Connery: sorry chaps, I can't now, I'm having a check-up...

  • Movie

    We're nothing like James Bond


    • • Directed by Mario Balsamo • Editing Benni Atria and Tommaso Orbi • Produced by Gianfilippo Pedote • A Mir Cinematrografica and Hasenso production supported by Rai Cinema • Music composed and performed by Teho Teardo with pieces by Vittorio Cosma, Alex Gillan and Guido Gabrielli • Photography Andrea Foschi Sabrina Varani Simone Pierini • Sound Gianluca Scarlata • Sound editing and mixing Marzia Cord√≤ and Stefano Grosso • With the kind participation of Daniela Bianchi

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    ROME 10 feb 2014 - Casa del Cinema h. 21.00 in presence of the director
    MILAN 10 feb 2014 - Cinema Mexico h. 22.00 in presence of one of the author
    LONDON 11 feb 2014 - Istituto italiano di Cultura h. 18.30
    PARIS 12 feb 2014 - Cinema La Clef h. 20.00 in presence of the director
    BARCELLONA 12 feb 2014 - Istituto italiano di Cultura h. 18.30 PALERMO 12 febbraio 2014 - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia h. 16.00 in presence of the executive producer
    NOLA 13 febbraio 2014 - Cinema Savoia h. 21.00 in presence of the director
    BERLINO 16 feb 2014 - Kino Babylon h. 16.00

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